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When a brand truly believes in their vision, mission and values, the story it tells will resonate deeply with consumers and employees alike. The core of our framework challenges brands to discover and resolve potential misalignments through a wide range of research, strategic tools and facilitation methods.

Together with our client, we help define your brand's core, chart out roadmaps and set in motion practical strategies on how to exercise core values tangibly and keep the company vision always in sight.



Having a well-designed logo and a brand identity manual is a great start to creating a memorable personality. But what happens when cross-disciplinary teams with polar priorities experience a communication breakdown? An email, a Facebook post, a media ad that looks, feels and talks like it’s from a different brand - hindering brand recall and affinity with your consumer.

We help reinforce personality through the brand's body; this involves identifying internal organisational challenges and designing structural and creative processes, allowing key touchpoints to be branded in a consistent manner, for maximum impact.



Just like humans, customers and brands connect across a myriads of exchanges - physical, digital, social and even emotional. Organizations have come to realise that beyond launching new products, services and hitting sales targets, they need to build long-term relationships with their customers.

We work with brands committed to this belief, and who genuinely want to coexist meaningfully in the realm of their audience. We encourage this by designing environments that focuses first on the needs and aspirations of their customers, and pegging tactical sales goals to human-centered experiences and loyalty.



The methodology approaches brands through 3 different lenses - Core, Body and Realm. We use this framework to assess the organization's human-brand qualities and identify areas that require further alignment. With these insights at hand, we design and execute brand marketing strategies that ultimately aims to align the Core, Body and Realm.

An ideal Human Brand is able to tell their story, communicate it consistently, while conveying a strong sense of empathy.

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